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COVID19 UPDATE: Due to recent developments the FOSSASIA Summit will take place as an offline and online event. Please read about Hygiene and Health Measures, find infos on this blog post, follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram channel for updates.

Topics and Tracks

Personal Voice Assistants, AI and Cloud

Personal Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence

Learn about natural language processing, how to build skills and actions for voice assistants or how to create your own Open Source chatbots in the Artificial Intelligence deep technology track. Join sessions covering Bot Framework, Tensorflow, Dataprep and more.

Cloud, Containers, DevOps

Cloud, Container, DevOps

Get better insights in how to deploy apps on the cloud more efficiently and save your company money. Sessions in the Cloud, Containers, DevOps track cover Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, Docker Kompose, Omnibus, OpenStack, Virtual Kubelet, and Continuous Integration.



Meet developers and startups working on the blockchain to create solutions for distributed computing, cloud services and Fintech in the Blockchain track.



Find out how to keep your services secure in the Cybersecurity track. The track has sessions about Encryption with PGP, SELinux, Secrets Management, Backups, QubesOS, Securing Web and Javascript apps.

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

What technologies will we need for the Conversational Web? How will existing technologies change and what else is happening in tech for web and mobile platforms? A wide variety of topics are covered in the Web Technologies and Mobile Technologies track with talks and workshops about JS frameworks, PWA, Android, Web VR and AR.

Hardware, Design and Local Production

Hardware, Design and Production

The FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit covers topics from software to hardware and knowledge. These are the ingredients for production. We have a dedicated track on Hardware & Design. Apart from technical topics speakers will share their experience from making prototype to going to large scale production and working with mass manufacturers.

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

More and more governments, companies and citizens share data for the benefit of the society. What are the use cases for Open data? What possibilities do we have for a truly free society in the times of tracking devices and supervision technologies, how to keep communities engaged in Free and Open Source development? These are some of the questions in the Open Data, Internet, and Community track.



Meet developers of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Spark, MariaDB and NoSQL projects and learn how to save your company money with Open Source database solutions in the Database track. Specific topics include Scaling TB of data, Real-time data masking, Replication Features, Performance Schema, BigQuery, and Immutable Key-Value Stores.

Kernel & Platform

Kernel & Platform

The Kernel & Platform track covers topics from the Linux Kernel to BSD and desktop systems such as Meilix or applications like VLC. Learn about BSD network servers, Hacking with x86 Windows Tablets, Asynchronous integration of GPU computing with HPX many task processing, Unikernelized Linux, Open Build Service in Debian, and Learn C from the trenches.

Science Tech and Education

Science Tech and Education

Science needs to be open and verifiable. As more and more tools are available to a larger part of the population the chance to become a scientist or simply to participate in citizen science increases. What tools exist? What hardware is available? How to do science hands-on with Open Source software and hardware? The Science Tech and Education track covers it.


Python Pycon World

In the Pycon World track it is all about Python. Learn about development technologies for web, desktop and cloud solutions using Python.

Compliance and Legal

Compliance and Legal

In order to use Open Source in companies across the world it is important to understand the legal settings in different countries that IT companies using and developing Open Source operate in. In the Compliance and Legal experts share their knowledge about laws and legal frameworks in regards to Open Source.


Open Source Business

Open Source Business covers topics around economic questions of FOSS technologies. What current questions exist? What new business models and opportunities exist for developers and contributors?

Schedule Roster

  • Ultimate Cloud Training

    You want to deploy your solutions in the cloud? You want to make more use of your data's company. You want to provide trusted AI solutions? Then our tailored cloud codelabs on Thursday, March 19, Friday, March 20 and Saturday March 21 are right for you.

    Topics are Cloud, Container, Kubernetes, Security and Artificial Intelligence. We start at 8.30am with a breakfast on each morning. Workshops include topics such as 'Bringing trust and transparency in AI’ and development 'Using Kubernetes and Knative to deploy & secure containerized applications', and 'Cloud Deployments with Kubernetes'. Catering is provided.

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About Image
  • FOSSASIA Exhibition
    Tech Companies & Projects from Thu March 19 - Sat March 21

    Meet tech companies and open source projects at the exhibition area. Discuss career opportunities and learn about the latest tech trends. Participate in handson hardware workshop and more

    Exhibition Schedule: Opening on Thursday, March 19 at 9.30pm, starting at 9:30AM (Fri/Sat) and closing on Thursday/Friday at 6pm, and ends on Saturday at 5pm. Hall passes available.

    Hall Pass Book Booth
  • FOSSASIA Academy Workshops

    FOSSASIA Academy workshops will run throughout the event in the exhibition area free of charge. Workshops include Introduction to Python, Machine Learning, Pocket Science Lab and Creating Skills with SUSI.AI.

    Workshops Schedule
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A little more about the FOSSASIA Summit

The FOSSASIA Summit is the premier Free and Open Source technology event in Asia for developers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. Previous events took place in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China and India.

FOSSASIA Community Tickets

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FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit
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  • Codeheat Award

    In the Heat of the Code is a coding contest for FOSSASIA projects. The contest runs annually for 6 months from September to February. Grand prize winners are invited to present their work at the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit in Singapore and get travel funding to attend.

    The jury chooses the three winners from the top 10 contributors according to code quality and relevance of commits for the project. The jury also takes other contributions like submitted scrum reports and technical blog posts into account, but of course awesome code is the most important item on the list. Other participants have the chance to win Tshirts, Swag and vouchers to attend Open Tech events in the region and get certificates of participation.

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Internet Society

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Hardware Lead FOSSASIA

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Gi Soong Chee

Dunman High School

Thorsten Neumann

Founder & CTO, SmartPesa

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Program and Event Manager

Philip Paeps

The FreeBSD Foundation
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Join us at the FOSSASIA Summit
 in March in Singapore!

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Summit Venue

The Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore is the event venue of the FOSSASIA Summit. Located at the commercial heart of Paya Lebar Central, LLI inspires lifelong learning and serves as a gateway to learning opportunities.

Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8
Singapore 408601
(Paya Lebar MRT)